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If you want to be Known . . .
If you want a runaway, bestselling book...
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If you want to BE a recognized authority in Your Field...
If you want to step into CELEBRITY status

Then YOU Must Harness The Power of TV Interviews!

Think about it...what would TV Publicity do for YOU?
What could you do with it if you could get it for FREE?

  • Imagine YOU being the “Go To” expert in your industry!
  • Imagine being the guest TV producers invite back on their show again and again!

60 years ago television revolutionized advertising …
20 years ago the internet revolutionized marketing...
Today, “TV Interview Mastery” is revolutionizing the way video
can brand you as the leading EXPERT in your field through Multi Channel Publicity...

In the hands of our Emmy award-winning production team,
you’ll be groomed and packaged to BE a recognized authority
on your Local or National TV!

You can receive millions of dollars in FREE television publicity and media exposure while promoting your message, your book or your business and "TV Interview Mastery" will show you how!

  • Immediately promote you to expert status in the global marketplace

  • Create demand and additional media attention

  • Increase awareness, trust and credibility

  • Establish higher value for you and your product or service

  • Obtain valuable third party endorsements from anchors, interviewers and broadcasters

  • Generate more referrals from your clients, associates and business partners

Video crosses the boundaries of high-tech marketing by personalizing your face with your message.  No one knows more than you do about your product or service.  That’s why you’re the expert.  Using our tested and proven interview format, you will put passion behind your message and propel you to stardom!

How?... By participating in the "TV Interview Mastery" Program we’ll guide you to becoming a TV ready guest expert that producers want back on their shows again and again.

This is not a lecture series where you sit hour after hour just taking notes or a "how to" course using techniques from the black and white TV days.

  • You'll learn how easy it is to become the “go to” expert who gets booked on TV shows and news programs

  • You'll learn how to prepare and deliver your story so it's clear, concise and interesting

  • You'll discover the secrets to capture your viewers and make them want to know more

Why?... Not only does our TV Interview format create an environment of trust … it does something even more important than that … Something everyone wants. … Something that confirms value in everything we do, speak and write.  At "TV Interview Mastery" we know how to develop a reputation of MAXIMUM CREDIBILITY ... and we can DO IT FOR YOU!


Here is what a few of our clients
have to say about us

Joel Bauer

"...I have just a hand full of mentors who have really made a difference in my life, one of them is Ann DeVere... “Access To Experts enables you to communicate who you really are and positions you as a maven in your industry. So you reach people you would have never reached before..."

-- Joel Bauer
Marketing Consultant to America's
corporate giants

Alex Mandossian

“...There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world: the Do-The-Best-I-Can Entrepreneur and then there's the Whatever-It-Takes Entrepreneur. I do whatever it takes to be with my family and “Access To Experts” allows me to do that. It makes it possible for my message to go out to the rest of the world.

If you are an author, consultant, coach, if you're an independent professional or small business owner and you have a message that you want to get out to the world, this is the place to come...”

-- Alex Mandossian
CEO, Heritage House

Adam Urbanski

...I was a little skeptical at first as you can tell I have an accent and I’m not most comfortable in front of the camera.  Ann has made it an amazingly easy process. She has assembled a team of experts who will help you script your interview and make you look at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. Make you look great and sound exactly the way you want to sound to communicate with the type of clients you want to work with. You owe it to yourself to invest time energy and yes, money to find out exactly what “Access To Experts" and Ann DeVere can do for you and your business.

-- Adam Urbanski
The Millionaire Marketing Mentor   

Don’t let your podium presence
get lost in front of the camera!

Michael DeVere, Jodina St. John and I know TV
from both sides of the camera lens, as producers
and as the expert being interviewed

Ann DeVere
"Access To Experts" Executive Producer/Marketing Strategist

If you have aspirations to be on Good Morning America, CNN, 60 minutes or be interviewed by Leno or Letterman, Ann DeVere, also known as “The Global Visibility Broker”, is your ‘go-to expert’ to get you ready.  She is an author, speaker, consultant and the executive producer of “Access To Experts” TV show and “TV Interview Mastery” academy.  Her international client list covers the globe.

Ann DeVere has cracked the code in harnessing the power of on-camera interviews for entrepreneurs and business owners who want local, national or global exposure. With over 20-years in international marketing and business consulting she knows how to package your gifts most effectively to attract your ideal audience.

Michael DeVere

With over 30 years experience in broadcasting and television production, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His resume includes an 8 year stint as an award winning director of local TV news. He then worked with a preeminent commercial director in NYC, serving as his assistant director on commercials, television pilots, infomercials and numerous other types of projects. He worked on major commercial productions for Estee Lauder, Revlon, Gap, Sanofi, Phizer, Burlington Coat Factory, Sanyo, Mitsibishi, and many others.

Michael also has an extensive background in Video Post Production as an editor and graphics designer. Over the years he has created graphics for broadcast, print, film and video for many diverse projects including HBO, The History Channel, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Arista Records, Bruce Springsteen and many, many others. His work on Sesame Street was honored with a Daytime Emmy Award.

Jodina St John
"Access To Experts"

Jodina brings her 15 years experience in radio and television hosting to Access to Experts.  Jodina began her career in radio/TV as a reporter with Shadow Broadcasting working with stations such as NBC 7-39 San Diego.  Presently she is a show host for KPRI 102.1 San Diego and is seen hosting numerous infomercials. 

In addition to being a talented writer, host and producer she is also co-owner of an award winning audio production company.  With an M.A. in counseling, Jodina is adept at problem solving and working with people.  She is dedicated to helping speakers tap into their most effective style of delivery and communication.  Jodina is a passionate person who enjoys helping others to succeed.


Just listen to what some of our previous
"TV Interview Mastery" Intensive attendees
have to say about this experiential program….

Rhonda Sher

"I have to say that as a keynote speaker and a trainer and having been to hundreds of trainings, I have never been to one as powerful as this one. Not only did I learn many techniques that I need to know for interviewing and for speaking, I was able to learn so many things about; how to speak, voice tonality, makeup, how to dress…  If you want people know you as an expert, then look into TV Interview Mastery or Access to Experts,  because this is the ONLY program that I would recommend or I would endorse that you should invest in."

-- Rhonda Sher
The 2 Minute Networker

Mike Stromsoe

"... I am the author of 5 books. I‘m a speaker… I’m a mentor… and I’ve been to lots and lots of training events, but this one, I just don’t have the words to describe it!  It’s outside the box in a big, big way!
TV Interview Mastery with Ann DeVere and Jodina St. John and their crew is a Must, Must Do Event! If you’re looking to get into the world of videos, into the world of TV, into getting your video and your face out there so it’s well known, this is the way!
Not only that, they have all the contacts that will get your message and your media in the right place... that’s just going to absolutely explode your business."

-- Mike Stromsoe
The Unstoppable Profit Producer

Shera Thompson

"... I am getting my MFA in Film Directing right now. I also went to Undergrad to get my BFA in Radio, Television and Film Production. My professors have worked on cable shows, feature length films, if I named them you would know about them... Some major actors, some major directors, you would know them. But I learned things here in the TV Interview Mastery that I hadn’t learned... I didn’t know with interviewing, what to be careful of, what to be cautious of, how to be prepared. You want to get this! You want to come here, because there may be some things you think you know, you may have taken all these classes, invested money… My parentsinvested thousands of dollars! School cost money! It cost a lot of money! And they’ve invested that money with me. But coming here I learned more..."

-- Sherah Thompson

ONLY 12 Participants

We limit this 3 day on camera presentation training to only 12 participants … so act now because space is limited!

You'll have TWO Professionally Directed and Produced videos of yourself:

30 Second TV Commercial
suitable for Google TV, broadcast television and internet TV, your website and for social media distribution

3 Minute Interview Video
of you being interviewed by a professional television reporter

At "TV Interview Mastery" we’ll build a power media message so you stand out in the crowd  … not just because you’re professional but because you’re packaged!

EVERYONE gets camera time and receives individual feedback.

Most training programs often have larger audiences, sometimes in the 100’s. So you become a nameless body and end up feeling abandoned among hundreds of people. Our hands on experiential coaching program is designed so each and every guest is camera ready before taping begins, interview ready during their session  and placement ready by the time they leave.

TV Interview Mastery
3 Day Intensive

  • At TV Interview Mastery EVERYONE gets camera time and receives individual attention. From the time you register, to the end of the interactive and experiential workshop you'll be developing and polishing your skills as a great TV interview guest. When you leave, YOU’LL BE CAMERA COMFORTABLE.

  • Our hands on experiential training program is designed so each and every guest is:
    1. Camera Ready before taping begins
    2. Interview Ready during their session 
    3. and Placement Ready by the time they leave

When you leave, you'll be capable … confident and convincing!
Now let’s talk about what happens during TVIM 3 day intensive

Day 1

  • VIDEO #1
    On camera presentation of your 30 Second TV Commercial

  • Critiques of your video performance by your instructors and peers
    • You'll know exactly what is working and what needs to be improved upon for maximum impact with your audience

    • We'll give you clear feedback and suggestions on your trust and rapport building skills
      1. Appearance,
      2. Body Language
      3. Vocal presentation
      4. Content

  • Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals
    • Building and fine-tuning your presentation skills for optimal delivery and impact
    • How to maximize your rehearsal time and efforts

Day 2
1. Your Image: How to have camera ready style:
How to make sure you look and feel great before going on camera?

  • Make up…Hollywood Makeup artist will show you how to apply your makeup in a step by step video demonstration
    • How to avoid the “mannequin” look
    • Make-up for high definition television (for men and women)
    • Exactly how much makeup does it take to achieve that “natural beauty” look?

  • Choosing your attire for your interview we’ll help you choose the outfit that best suits you and is most appealing for your ideal audience.

2. Shooting your actual 30 second TV Commercial suitable for Google TV, broadcast television and internet TV, your website and for social media distribution

3. Preparing for your 3 minute “Access To Experts On The Spot” TV Interview

  • The Big secret: What makes a good TV interview?
    • What makes an interview effective or a dud?
    • What makes a TV interview Compelling, Captivating, Informative and Engaging?  

  • Staying calm and in control during your interview
    • Looking and sounding your best during your TV interview
    • How to stay focused and relaxed and present your information in a powerful manner?
    • Bridging techniques so you stay on message We’ll totally prepare you for your in-studio experience
    • How to make your host look good so you are invited back again and again.

Day 3

Lights … Camera … Action!

  • VIDEO#2
    Your 3 minute “Access To Experts On The Spot” TV Interview
    You’ll be interviewed by a professional television reporter

  • YOU…The Video Producer
    You’ll learn how to create and produce and post your own video tips, so you can begin your video marketing even before you get home and continue video marketing after you get home.

When you leave, you'll be capable …
confident and convincing!

  • You'll get individual attention... From the time you register, to the end of the interactive and experiential workshop you'll be developing and polishing your skills as a great TV interview guest. When you leave, YOU’LL BE CAMERA COMFORTABLE.


Here's your chance to master the TV Interview Process and become a sought after TV Interview guest

DON’T WAIT … I urge you to take advantage of this invitation to become one of our ONLY 12 select participants. You deserve to be TV recognized for the knowledge and expertise you already have.  

REMEMBER … All recognized authorities at one time or another weren’t recognized.  Sometimes the most brilliant people never become known.  The difference is publicity and ACCESS TO EXPERTS can help you get it for FREE!

TV Interview Mastery will show you how to demonstrate that expertise just as it has for me and the other experts on my team. No matter what your business, this is an event you simply must attend.


You'll have an "Access To Experts" video interview:
  • Professionally produced 3 minute video of you being interviewed on "Access To Experts On The Spot"

You'll have a 30 second TV commercial

  • Suitable for Google TV, broadcast television and internet TV, your website and for social media distribution


We'll be videotaping this 3 Day intensive to use in our TV commercials, publicity campaigns, social media marketing and in our "TV & Video Interview Mastery" products

  • Which means if you're at THIS event you will be featured in our marketing and we'll be promoting you through our products for years to come

You may be featured as a case study in my upcoming book "The Global Visibility Factor"

  • The book will be heavily promoted throughout the internet and on television

This Experiential training is limited to 12 students to guarantee that:
  • Each person has ample time for individual attention
  • We are able to produce a quality product for you


Your training doesn't end there...

When you get home from your "TV Interview Mastery"
3 Day Intensive your VIDEONAR training will continue

You're On The Air

Do you want to be
on local or national TV?


Pitching TV Producers

  • How to pitch your interview to TV and Radio producers so you grab
    their attention right away and turbo-charge your publicity?

  • Follow-up techniques so you'll get invited back again and again

  • What to expect once you arrive at the studio?

  • What happens during a typical shoot?

Prime Time or Bust: Your Publicist

  • How to choose the right Publicist for your needs?

  • How to get sought after publicists to take you on as client
    at a fraction of what they normally charge?

What you'll learn are "Actionable Publicity" techniques and strategies you'll be able to use to MAKE MORE MONEY IMMEDIATELY!

Get fame and recognition of your expertise

Have TV and Radio producers searching for you and calling you

Increase your credibility, trust and confidence

Add greater value and attract higher quality clients

Increase your product and book sales

Get more media attention

Earn media endorsements of your knowledge

and Give your bottom line a quantum leap

I want you to experience and see how TV Interview Mastery can get you more power, business leverage, and credibility.


Your Satisfaction Is
My Personal Guarantee!

The is fully covered by my
Zero-Risk, Hassle-Free
Triple your investment
or get your Money Back
plus $500.00 Guarantee!

I literally pay you if you fail! I take your success and my system very seriously. I want you to succeed. That’s why I take all the risk for 12 full months.

If after a full year you have not made back at least three times what you invested and you can show me proof that you used (and recorded) every step I recommend in your Marketing GSA (Goal Strategy Action) plan I will give your money back! Plus, I’ll pay you for failing with a $500.00 personal check as my way of saying thanks for your time and effort.

How do I make this unparalleled guarantee? Simple, this is a fool proof system!!!


Be one of ONLY 12
select participants

Register below to join other up and coming
"Access To Experts" superstar

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!
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Hurry … space is limited … only 12 invitations... 

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